BPI Family Savings Bank

“It’s wonderful that Philippine Realty TV is on its 100th episode and I’m proud BPI Savings Bank has been part of your family for the past 5 years. Together we have made loaning a home easy, and sharing that knowledge with the viewers both in the Philippines and all over the world. To all the Filipinos out there, I’m sure they’re very appreciative of the efforts we have done, working with us to make homeownership easy.”

• TeodoroLimcauco | President, BPI Family Savings Bank 


Landco Pacific Corporation

“PRTV has allowed us to communicate Landco’s brand through a visual experience. The power of television really captivates our audience by leaps and bounds compared to other media. Add to that, ANC’s reach overseas, which helps us communicate our brand promise of Life At Your Leisure to Filipinos all over the world.” • Alfred Xerez Burgos III | President, Landco Pacific Corporation


Century Properties

“Congratulations on reaching a hundred episodes. It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with your team on your past episodes. I look forward to your next milestone and please continue to educate the local market on the diverse projects on Philippine real estate.”

• Robbie Antonio | Managing Director, Century Properties 



“It has been quite an achievement for the program itself after 4 years, from the time that it has started to be able to create various real estate programs on TV. Philippine Realty TV has been a consistent partner of Nuvali for Project: Green House which has been very successful.”

• Jun Bisnar | General Manager, Nuvali 


Madrigal Bayot Dev't. Corp.

“Congratulations to Philippine Realty TV. It’s been an experience working with you. It’s been joyful. And you certainly have a unique way of showing how we’ve built our maiden building, our maiden project. And you’ve been with us since ground zero and now that we’re almost finished, hopefully, you’ll be with us in our next projects.” • Francisco Bayot | President, Madrigal Bayot Development Corporation 


Phelps Dodge

“I think (Philippine Realty TV) has been a really good program. It educates a lot of consumers about houses, about products and concerns in building houses. And being your industry partner, we highlight the importance of safety and quality. I think this program has been very beneficial and very productive and very educational for many viewers. We’re glad to be a partner of Philippine Realty TV.”

• Ernest Cuyegkeng | President, Phelps Dodge 


Palafox Associates

“Thank you to Philippine Realty TV. They gave us the opportunity to work with them and share our global best practices. And we are very grateful to be given the opportunity with Project: First Home, incorporating the best principles in architecture, environmental design, and real estate development. And it was a very very rare opportunity and privilege to work with such wonderful people, and very professional.”

• Felino “Jun” Palafox, Jr. | Principal Architect, Palafox Associates 


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