About Philippine Realty TV

PHILIPPINE REALTY TV (PRTV) is the Philippines’ first real estate TV show for Filipinos worldwide. Producing a weekly stream of property features and industry-related segments. PRTV is the top of mind television medium for anything related to the real estate and construction industries. Property features give viewers instant access to Philippine developer’s various projects across the country. Features on industry-related products and services on the other hand allow for an overview of the various offerings for both end-users and industry players.

The show’s hosts – Miriam Quiambao, Anthony Pangilinan, and interior designer/columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdes are a pleasure to watch. With their chemistry and industry know-how, they have lent the show a fun appeal and credibility, while remaining accessible to a wide audience demographic.

All these elements contribute to what has now become a weekly real estate fix not just local viewers, but to a growing number of overseas Filipinos as well.

The Producer

Philippine Realty TV is produces by StreetPark Productions, Inc., an independent television production company established in 203 that produces television content for local and international broadcast. The company has produces a number of television shows and specials both as a blocktimer and line producer for various channels such as the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC). Studio 23, and Lifestyle Network.
The company’s vision is to be a leading producer of industry specific content in the Philippines.
The company’s mission is to produce groundbreaking content that breaks the mold and revolutionizes the way people learn and conduct business utilizing television, print, and online media. The company always strives to maintain a positive working environment where its clients and partners are always happy to work with its people, and its employees have jobs that allow for personal and professional satisfaction and growth.

The Creator
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John Aguilar is the Executive Producer of Philippine realty TV and President of SteetPark Productions INC. A former decathlete and prints record holder, John has brought the same passion, tenacity and fearlessness he learned from sports into the television shows he produces, and the projects he gets into.
The term “Method Producer” (derived from method actors that allow themselves to be consumed with the roles or characters they play) best describe John’s style of producing TV shows. To him, there is no better way to understand the subject or industry that your show is about than to be part of it. Philippine Realty TV has allowed John, though with limited experience, to build concept homes from the ground up, and author the book “Project: First Home-Everything you need to know to build your house from scratch”.
He attributes the success of Philippine realty TV to his strong, young and dynamic team of professionals that make up StreetPark Productions Inc.
John holds an undergraduate degree in BS Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University and holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from its Graduate School of Business. He earned his real estate broker’s license in 2011. John hopes to carry the Philippine Realty TV brand into various media platforms and expand further into real estate development.

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