La-Z-Boy Launches New Collections for Today’s Modern Space

La-Z-Boy, known for its world famous recliners, has introduced two new collections that will bring an elegant touch to your living space. Crafted with today’s modern space in mind, the Nordic Collection and Reclinaway Wall Recliners Series, brings your comfort to the next level.

La-Z-Boy Reclina-way Wall Recliners

SHANNON Wall Recliner

Incorporate style and space saving reclining comfort into your home with the new La-Z-Boy Reclina-Way Wall Recliners.

Its enhanced function offers optimal space saving comfort. Its elegant steel Arc Handle adds to its overall charm. You can place this recliner as close as 6 inches away from the wall and still fully recline.

Stanley Wall Recliner

The La-Z-Boy Stanley Wall Recliner is of exceptional class and style. Its strong and solid design delivers extreme comfort with extra soft padding on the arms, back and foot rest, and finished in stylish double stitching.

Jay Wall Recliner

For casual style and comfort, it’s easy to see why the La-Z-Boy Jay Wall Recliner is a family favorite. It features slightly flared arms, a distinctive horizontal seam across the back and detailed flange trim on the back, arms, chaise seat and footrest to complement your casual décor.

Rowan Wall Recliner

The La-Z-Boy  Rowan Wall Recliner is an exquisite combination of style and comfort. Its looks are sleek, but the flared arms actually maximize the seating area.

Nordic Collection by La-Z-Boy

The Nordic Collection by La-Z-Boy mixes quality design with chic Scandinavian style. Everything about the Nordic range from the sumptuously upholstered seats, swivel base and recliner mechanism, lets you know this is one La-Z-Boy chair you will not want to leave.

Lazy Boy Nordic Recliners mix premium Scandinavian Design with legendary La-Z-Boy comfort and durability. It comes with an adjustable recliner tension for personalized comfort. Reclining degree – 155 degrees – almost flat position for your comfort together with 360 degrees easy to swivel base on the recliner (Footstool does not swivel) It also has a manually adjustable headrest. An easy to activate handle help you glide yourself into your comfortable position.

Asta Nordic Recliner by La-Z-Boy

The ASTA Mixes La-Z-Boy quality with chic Scandinavian style. Everything about it from the upholstered leather cover, painted timber swivel base and recliner mechanism lets you know this is one La-Z-Boy chair you will not want to leave. Comes standard with ottoman.

Rolf Nordic Recliner by La-Z-Boy

Luxurious in appearance and even more so in comfort, Rolf exudes all qualities that define LA-Z-BOY. Soft leather seat, generous arm rests and 360 degree swivel base are all part of the package that make LA-Z-BOY’s new ROLF design so very comfortable.

La-Z-Boy Nordic Collection and Wall Recliner Series are available in La-Z-Boy Galleries and BLIMS Fine Furniture. You can also Shop Online at or Chat & Shop via #09153919793

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